Avatar Review: Toruk Makto!

My review of Avatar

Here’s the review I wrote of Avatar for the site uinterview.com. No, I’m not concerned that Avatar failed to go into the vast and subtle sociological aspects of colonization. Yes, I would fellate Avatar. But only in 3D.


5 Reasons to Read My Blog!

Why should you read this blog? I’ll tell you why, in five, succinct, easy-to-digest reasons.

Finally, I, Evan Jacobs, the god-come-to-earth that you all love so unconditionally, have a blog. Granted, it’s my third blog after www.esjacobs.blogspot.com and www.keithandevansblog.blogspot.com, but this is my first WordPress blog and my first real blog about comedy. Why should you read it? I’ll give you one reason. No, fuck that, I’ll give you five reasons.

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